Michael Angelo Go is a designer and graduate of Cal Poly Pomona's competitive architecture program. He has worked alongside projects such as the SoFi Rams Stadium of Inglewood, renovation projects for the California State University Long Beach, developing Cardenas Marketplaces for the Inland Empire, and many more.


From 2019 to 2020, Michael Angelo worked as a Docent for the VDL House, nominated UC Irvine for historical preservation, and volunteered at Augustus High School to help inspire youth in troubled communities. In his final year of college, he proposed a domestic violence center in Downtown Los Angeles.


Michael combines his passion for art and storytelling and applies them to the narrative of his designs. In his spare time, he enjoys studying animation, graphic design, martial arts, art movements, and psychology which has vastly influenced his ability to innovate, create, and composite cohesive architectural designs.


Cell: +1 (626) 905-9429